Dog Park Rules, Regulations & Map

  1. Dogs may be off-leash only within this delineated & signed dog park. The town leash law is enforced in all other areas of the town.
  2. Dogs must be under physical or demonstrable control at all times. “Demonstrable Control” means: Owner or responsible person must be physically present. Dog handler must be able to demonstrate control over the dog by voice, whistle or electronic commands. Dogs must respond immediately to commands. Additionally, dog handlers must be able to prove control of the dog if requested by an authorized officer.
  3. Dog waste must be immediately picked up and placed in a proper container.
  4. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.
  5. No aggressive dogs. Unruly or rough-playing dogs should be leashed and removed.
  6. Park users & dog owners assume all risk related to park use.
  7. Dogs chasing wildlife will result in significant fines for owners and possible loss of the dog.
  8. The dog park is not a right, it is a privilege. Please monitor your dog and follow the rules.
View a Map of Dog Park Location (JPEG).